I2G Binary Compensation Plan


The Binary Compensation Plan that we have with I2G is what I consider to be the
absolute and most lucrative form of compensation plan in network marketing. Not only
is it extremely lucrative… it’s actually pretty simple once you figure it out.

That’s what this portion of the site is for… to help speed up your process of understanding,
so you don’t get bogged down with details. I understand that you’ll want to have some
understanding of it, but it’s vitally important to start taking action and talking to people.
If you don’t have people joining your team, it doesn’t matter how well you understand
the comp plan because it won’t be anything but a bunch or theory in your head.

Start Taking Action…

So start sponsoring people. I promise that’s the best teacher. Because as you see
your organization start to grow, you’ll see that binary tree begin to fill in and that’s when
you’ll get first hand knowledge of how lucrative this is.

Probably the most important feature to mention about the binary comp plan is that it
Heavily Rewards Team Work!

I’ve been in programs before that didn’t have much reward for helping your team
members, and those type of comp plans are doomed from the start.

6 Ways to Get Paid with the I2G Binary Compensation Plan…. Strong…

In our binary comp plan, your volume actually accumulates all the way down to infinity…
thus one of the reason that our name is Infinity 2 Global.

Another of our VIP Team members with I2G was kind enough to share a video
that he created. His name is Tyson Zahner and in the video presentation he does
an excellent job of explaining all 6 ways that we get paid with I2G.

Watch Tyson’s video below:


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